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Byblis filifolia (Planch.)
- Australia

Comments: previously B. liniflora ssp occidentalis
updated: 2024-07-06 20 photos filifolia (left); "Pilbara" (right) filifolia (left); "Pilbara" (right) filifolia (left); guehoi (right) filifolia (left); guehoi (right) filifolia (left); guehoi (right) filifolia (left); rorida (right) filifolia (left); liniflora (right) 2 days 8 days aquatica vs filifolia petal aquatica vs filifolia stamen B. aff. filifolia "flowers purple on both sides of petals", B. sp. Pilbara, B. guehoi, B. filifolia "Hidden Valley"