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Genlisea × [lobata × violacea]
Parents: The artificially created hybrid “G. lobata x violacea” sold by Kamil Pasek (bestcarnivorousplants) actually is a hybrid of G. lobata and G. flexuosa (and not G. violacea). BECAUSE OF CURRENT CONFUSION, I HAVE NOT MOVED THESE LINKS TO lobata x

Comments: Fernando Rivadavia comments on 19 Nov 03 at “Being the one responsible for introducing G. lobata and most G. violacea forms into cultivation, I thought I should comment. I do not know the hybrid well, since it is artificial (both species are geographically separated in the wild), but the pics posted all look like G. lobata to me. The variations in flower size are nothing that I wouldn't expect to see in the wild. Remember that we usually cultivate CLONES, but that in the wild there is often lots of variation in any natural population. But I can see how the larger one could be a hybrid, if the mother parent was a G. lobata. It's still surprising that the hybrid would look so much more like one of the parents Both have hairy scapes, although G. violacea is extremely variable. Both species are also annuals in the wild, but can survive as perenials in cultivation, with the mentioned problem of suddenly deciding to act like an annual for unknown reasons...”
updated: 2015-07-27 lobata x violacea G6 (Giant type) but I think it's a hybrid between G. flexuosa et G. violacea ? 13 photos microscopic movie