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also known as: Fly Bush, Vlieƫbos, chejlava

Roridula full listing

Roridula videos Bilder Fleischis/CK14/16.JPG Pameridea Bilder Fleischis/CK14/17.JPG Bilder Fleischis/CK14/18.JPG Bilder Fleischis/CK19/10.JPG Pameridea bugs on Roridula Why Pameridea bugs do not stick on Roridula 5 photos of Pameridea roridulae eggs on Roridula 10 photos of Pameridea roridulae plus a link to short video 9 electron microscope photos of Pameridea roridulae video of Pameridea metamorphosis video of Pameridea and prey Distribution map Maps/WorldMap_Roridula.htm


Roridula dentata
Roridula gorgonias