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Utricularia amethystina (Salzm. ex St.Hil. & Gir.)
- Florida to Brazil
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Comments: Fernando Rivadavia comments on 15 July 04 “Although very common and widespread in the wild, there are just so many different forms out there that I always enjoy seeing them. They can be purple, lilac, white, bluish, cream, or even bright yellow. Flower shapes and sizes are more variable than in any other Utric species and I believe it will possibly one day be dismembered into a few more species or varieties/ subspecies.”
updated: 2023-01-28 pygmy white form pygmy form D. hirtella hirtella and U. amethystina big purple form small white form 13 photos of U amethystina white 17 photos white form from Brasilia yellow morph 5 photos yellow morph 15 photos's_true_colours_a_taxonomic_revision_of_one_of_the_largest_species_complexes_U_sect_Foliosa_Lentibulariaceae/links/639bea8fe42faa7e75c8172e/Unveilin