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Utricularia cornigera ( Studnička (spec. nova))
- south-eastern Brazil

Comments: similar to U. reniformis (large leaf form) -- apparently the same as U. 'Big Sister'. Fernando Rivadavia says: "...possibility that the U. reniformis from the Serra dos Órgãos is not a new species, but possibly a hybrid with U. nelumbifolia. The seed and germination characters of his U. cornigera fit very nicely a hypothetical hybrid scenario, being nicely intermediate between U. reniformis and U.nelumbifolia. U. nelumbifolia is abundant on the Serra dos Órgãos, but it is not present on the Serra da Mantiqueira, nor does it grow near the type location of U. reniformis at the Serra do Caraça."
updated: 2015-06-21 species description discussion about validity of species rank 17 photos