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Utricularia hydrocarpa (Vahl)
- Cuba to Brazil
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updated: 2019-08-19 U. hydrocarpa and U. breviscapa U. hydrocarpa, U. breviscapa, and U. foliosa U. hydrocarpa (right); U. foliosa (left) U. warmingii, U. foliosa & U. hydrocarpa 14 photos U. warmingii & U. hydrocarpa U. warmingii, U. foliosa & U. hydrocarpa Utricularia gibba L. A. habit. Utricularia guyanensis A.DC.—B. inflorescence (detail). C. flower (lateral view, white line— position of stamens). Utricularia hispida Lam.—D–F. flower (front, posterior and lateral views). G. immature fruit. Utricularia hydrocarpa Vahl—H. inflorescence. I. flower (front view). Utricularia juncea Vahl—J. leaves. K. inflorescence (detail). L. flower (lateral view)