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Utricularia sandwithii (P.Taylor)
- Guyana, Surinam,Venezuela
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updated: 2019-08-19 Utricularia sandwithii P.Taylor A–C. flower (front, lateral—inferior lip of corolla partially removed, note the spur—and posterior views). Utricularia simulans Pilg.—D. inflorescence (detail). E. flower (front view). Utricularia subulata L.—F. inflorescence (detail); G. flower (front view). Utricularia triloba Benj.—H. inflorescence (detail of herbarium specimen, note the nerves on calyx lobes); Utricularia viscosa Spruce ex Oliv—I. inflorescence (detail). J. peltate sterile bract. K. flower (posterior view). L. fruit